Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Past and Future Parasites

The Koch boys regard anyone not fitting their extremely narrow, risk-taking model of productivity, based on themselves, as parasites. But of course they were born rich and there are many different types of risk. Warren Buffet rightly notes how fortunate he was to have been born in circumstances and at a time when he could use his skills. 

Even CEO's and such are despised by the Kochs. Come to think if it, they seem to despise everybody. They must despise even their shills since shills are henchmen and underlings and not entrepreneurs. Their Libertarianism, as the Kochs mistakenly call it, is an invention of their own and is the embodiment of their contempt for humanity.

Black people were originally imported to America against their will. They must not have been parasites then, since they were a commodity and powerless to affect their status and conditions at all. Aha, such powerlessness and an utter lack of self-determination are elements in the Koch plan for social improvement and the way to avoid parasitism.

Why don't they just say so, that people are to be defined, in their brave new world, entirely in relation to their usefulness to the Kochs and their highly limited group of compatriots. People have no intrinsic value at all to them and therefore no rights--not even to life, let alone to liberty and other pursuits. When the Kochs say "liberty" they mean their own. 

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