Saturday, July 1, 2017

More About the Circle Game

Okay, I have an admission.

Lately I've been on a jag accusing the right wing of arguing from conclusions when, in reality, I think that it is inevitable. Everyone has assumptions and argues from prejudices and a point of view.

The point is to own the point of view.

I am accusing the right wing of arguing from false and mean-spirited assumptions while not being able to acknowledge these because they are in fact mean, predatory and morally indefensible viewpoints.

Also, I believe that these pessimistic beliefs result in much more serious instances of circular reasoning and defensiveness because of shame, compartmentalization, repression and moral degradation.

The right wing, by their unowned pessimism, has betrayed our values. They have made the country unrecognizable. George Bush was bad enough. But, Donald Trump? There's no excuse for Donald Trump.

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