Monday, June 26, 2017

Republican Racist Cult

Virtually every Republican Congressperson in Washington is capable of acting on only one principle, caring for the wealthiest Americans by cutting their taxes and in other ways. They will not only disenfranchise poorer citizens but deprive them of services without which many will have miserable, insecure and shorter lives. 

Already the rich have had a bonanza under Republican rule, seeing their share of America's wealth increase inconceivably. Republicans despise Democrats and want to deprive them of their rights as citizens. In many cases elections and administrations fail to assert the will of the majority. Republicans are criminals and traitors. 

Entire states have be de-democratized. Republicanism is now a racist cult, requiring blind submission to authority and to a fixed set of irrational beliefs typified by climate denial, birtherism, economic reductivism and a form of social Darwinism in which the game is rigged and the cards are stacked and racism drives everything. 

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